"The Hostess with the Ghostest" will have your guests screaming with delight...

Not just for Halloween because every day should be Halloween!.."

Now taking bookings for 2021.

PLEASE CONTACT for inquiries and repertoire.

Domino has hosted online shows since August 2020 and has produced, co- produced and hosted many live shows and events over the years since 2010.

* Movie Horror Host for The Chicago PSYCHOTRONIC Film Society,  Monthly since 2020.

* Horror Host and Co-Producer of BARBEAU'S BATCVAVE,  Quarterly since 2020. Shows - August, October 2020, February, May 2021.

* Host of -  The Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival, May 2021. 

* Producer of SPELLBOUND Cabaret Burlesque Club, London, 2015.

* Artistic Director for BURLESK! 2009/2010. UK.

* Producer and Host of THE NIGHT GALLERY CABARET in 2010. UK.

* Co-Producer of HOUSE OF SIN, Dark Cabaret and Decadent Burlesque  show, London, 2011.

* Co-Producer of HOUSE OF SIN, Dark Cabaret and Decadent Burlesque  show, Hastings 2011. 

*Domino has taken a step further with training and is a graduate, completing MC and Host training and Lipsync with Rubyyy Jones, Canada/UK.

Domino is available to host live shows, events & festivals since retiring from Burlesque striptease performance after 13 yrs as an International Burlesque Headliner. 

Domino performs as a character host, as a camp, yet darkly glamorous Old- Hollywood Vintage "Glamour Ghoul", with oodles of dark cabaret humour.  

In her arsenal, she has several short cabaret acts (non strip, lipsync etc), skits and even audience participation games that can wake the dead, alongside various costume changes throughout the show and a collection of gloriously spooky props to deploy.

Domino can adapt to any show setting with her hosting character. Let us know what we can do to make your event or show a deadly success..

Domino has 13 yrs experience performing in a great variety of shows, festivals and events in over 20 countries worldwide. She has produced and co-produced many live and internet/ online shows over the years and has an extensive knowledge of the business. She is delighted to be able to bring this knowledge to a hosting role as an engaging, glamorous and yet fun host!

Please email directly to for video examples of hosting skills.
Thank you!