Barbeau's Batcave is a Peerless, Priceless, Retro, Spooky Picture-Show hosted by Glamour Ghoul Domino Barbeau. The online show celebrates all things Vintage Horror, B -Movies,

Each show features spobaret acts as well as music, comedy, drag, burlesque and more....

Co-Producer Peggy Lee Cooper & Balkan Burger Video.



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 Thank you for all your lovely reviews of our first show!

This is what our wonderful audience had to say ...

Just finished watching, it was soooo good! You were brilliant and the acts were so clever and well put together. It's like a whole new experience. Obviously nothing can replace the atmosphere of a live performance but this medium gives the performers a whole new way of presenting their acts. I will try and watch again before Monday night!

Just watched it! Excuse me but I'm going to swear....
Oh my fucking word!!! That was BRILLIANT!!! I absolutely loved it! Well done you and all your acts - that was absolutely fantastic! I shall pop on and sort out a tip in a minute!
But seriously missus - 101% excellence on your part! I've just sat and watched the whole thing in the bath with a large glass of wine! Rounded off my weekend perfectly!!! And you are just the most brilliant Vampira!

I watched this afternoon during the rain. Omg- such an accomplished host. You were Fang-Tastic! thanks so much xx

Thanks for having me in your show!! Such an honour and I loved watching it through last night

Everyone was ACE!! I can?t wait to see who?s next! X

Can't wait for part 2! it was amazing ??

Fabulous darling. Well done! Thank you so much everyone. Haven't laughed so much in ages! Xx

you are truly amazing!
great job!

I finally got the chance to watch the Batcave today and loved it. You make an excellent Vampira!
It was performed, edited danced...and presented so well.
Thank you x

Really impressed with all your promo and fab little videos etc ? it's got a great vibe and it's definitely something different! X x

What a great show...thank you.
You know some very talented people.
It was really great

I just watched my first online burlesque show:
Barbeau's Batcave and I loved it so much! ??

Brilliant to see how the performers present their acts each their own way. Well done! ??

Special praise must go to Domino Barbeau, who put a great show together and was an amazing host! ??

If you have some burlesque craving, you should visit Barbeau's Batcave for sure! ??

OMG ???
Loved your show!!!

Ok thank you.
I watched the show last night- it was fantastic! It was put together so well and I loved your hosting segments! You were so funny and looked stunning- you were made for that role! Congratulations! Xx

You nailed itI did! You did SO BLOODY WELL
My partner said it was the most interesting burlesque show he?d ever seen. He was not convinced beforehand, he?s only ever seen trad and neo classic and finds it a little boring, but he LOST HIS SHIT at how good and goth and nerdy batcave was.

OMG!!! Domino Barbeau?s batcave is AMAZING!! I?m loving it! Who?s watching? I?m reliving my creepy goth youth with lots of added humour!

WATCH IT!!!! Domino, you?re incredible!!!

???????I'm just loving this production and the Insane, Awesome acts?? ??

I bloody love it. The whole feel of it, Its different. A step forward ??
Well done! ?? ??

What a fab show it was, breath of fresh air! All the performers blew me away amazing! I salute you! Domino Barbeau for putting on such a fantastic show lovely! If you missed it you still have the chance to watch it, just follow the link it's only available until Monday 17th tho so hurry folks xxxx

I've just finished watching this show and it was so much fun! You can still buy a ticket to watch the show up until midnight on Monday!

It was sooo good!

So can't wait to watch. Pleased it was good xxxx

Love love love! ?? Xx

Such a fab show

Thank you for an amazingly entertaining show!! I especially loved all the Vampira -moments ??????

Definitely 5 bats
?????????? Fangtastic performances and such a wonderful vampiric host. Well done, Domino and co ?? xx

I recommened! It was great fun and well worth a watch. Loved it!

It was so much retro ghoulish fun!! ??????x

Mesmerising show!! Enjoyed every minute!! Awesome thanks to all the performers!! ??????

Watched last night! Was sooo fa-boooo-lous! Love your skits between the acts too, genius! ?? ????

I can't believe it!!! I've just won a commission piece from one of my faves ?? I could pass out with excitement.

Thank you so much Domino Barbeau for the opportunity and for the ghoulishly good entertainment you treated us to this weekend ?? I cant wait for the next one!

Hardly surprising, you obviously worked so hard to put it all together. Possibly the best online show we've seen ???? xx

Enjoyed it!!
You were stunnin as host
Fun original selection of acts.

Very happy to support the scene, especially when it's such horrifically good fun! I'm looking forward to the next one ??

Fabulous show really well presented-you were awesome. Everyone was awesome. God I love that Beetlejuice act! ??

I loved the show! It was a pleasure to see you hosting Domino, production was slick, ingenious and spookily funny. A fantastic selection of acts from creative performers keeping cabaret alive without live venues and audiences. A very entertaining show, I look forward to the next one!

I watched the livestream of the show on Sunday and I just want to say you were absolutely phenomenal ??
?? I felt like I was watching a lost tape of the Vampira Show ????